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Property investment: Buy to let VS student accommodation

05 AUG 2013

Property InvestmentPutting your savings into real investment is always an important decision. Today, the low rate of return provided by the banks has led investors to increase the amount they invest in properties. England, and especially London, is known to be one of the world best "safe havens" for property investment.

Buy-to-let and student accommodations are two popular property purchases, but they offer different characteristics.

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First time buyers in London

18 OCT 2012

Media 20121121_1350Buying a property requires a vast amount of money. Even when buying your first home, always think of it as an investment. 

There are 4 questions you need to  ask yourself before buying a property:

Why? How much? Where? Who?

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Diversify your portfolio

18 OCT 2012

If you already have one or a few properties in an area you are ready for the next step: Diversification.

To have an efficient and well balanced portfolio, it is important to diversify. Even if the property market is not too correlated to other types of investments, there are market specifications inside the property business. Thus, it is important to  have an idea of how much you are  planning to spend on the purchase of a property This will help you build  a strategy and determine what  sector to invest in.


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I moved to the neighborhood I like. All my activities were organized in a week, and I even found my favorite restaurant. Thank you for your kindness.

Student – West London

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