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Why invest in American real estate?

The American dream continues to attract migratory flows and foreign investment. The market in the United States offers advantageous conditions for investment due to its flexibility and few limitations.

Depending on the region, prices of real estate have more or less strongly rebounded. Thus, offering great opportunities of future growth.

Florida is known for being the sunshine state, which allows it to be the main tourist destination of the country. Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are the most popular cities. Quality infrastructure, makes Florida retired main destination.

Another feature of this state is its low tax rates.


Relocation agent in United States

Relocate to a foreign country can stressful. You are often short of time; you are not comfortable with the local real estate market as well as the national language, which makes your search harder and longer.

In the United States it is necessary to pay special attention to the regulations of condominiums and locations.



I found my investment without stress. The offer was negotiate according to my instructions, and I rent to serious tenants.

Investor - Canary Wharf

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