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International property finder

Properties sourcing can be time consuming, especially if you do not know the area.

You need quality support that will help you making your choice whether to purchase or rent.

Krystel Ann Properties offers:

  • Market information

    We will advise you about the different neighborhoods. We'll have more details on price ranges , give you information about schools, local activities ...

  • Find the property that meets your criteria

    Once your budget and the desired area are defined, we can start contacting agents, owners and other professionals to find your ideal investment. Then we will send you pictures of the selected properties. You can take the option to watch a movie of your favorite properties; and thus preview houses from abroad.

  • Organization of visits

    According to your availability, we will organize views of the properties.
    You will discover the area and take you to various appointments.

  • Coordination and negociation

    The most tedious part in the buying process is the paperwork. We will negotiate the price on your behalf and ensure that the property transfer process goes smoothly. From the sale agreement to the signing of contracts, we will be at your side.

  • Other services

    Transfer currency with our partner and save extra money. We also can recommend designers or contractors ...


We are happy with the apartment that you found for our daughter. The location and timing were perfect.

Family - Knightsbridge

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