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Sales Market: Is it more difficult to become a landlord?

01 MAR 2012

2011 was an active market year, but according to the ARLA (the association of residential letting agents) the figures may be different in 2012.

The number of Landlords expected to buy a property this year dropped of 2%, while on the other hand, the landlords willing to sell a property this year increased by 1%.

Last year, landlords mainly rearrange the allocation of their assets, in order to maximize their return. London is still predicted to be stable, with prime location expecting a growth of 0.3% in selling price.

But the end of the stamp duty relief on the 22nd of March, created some worries.

The government not only put back the 5% stamp duties tax on properties purchase price over £1,000,000.00.

They went further by increasing the tax to 7% on residential properties purchased over £2,000,000.00 causing panic and deals cancellations amount the investors.


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